Ekklesia Christian Life Fellowship

Our Mission . . .

To bring Glory to God by showing forth the faithfulness and power He gives to those who carry out the Words of His Son Jesus Christ and in so doing provide evidence for others to believe and put their trust in the living God.

Our Vision . . .

To become a biblically functioning community by structuring church life around the development of small groups (cells) so that meaningful and caring relationships can take place and thus create an atmosphere where God's Word can be practiced.

To allocate church resources around the equipping and training of small group leaders providing them the very best in knowledge, understanding, and encouragement.

To experience God in regular settings of corporate worship through relevant and lively forms of worship that allow for the operation of spiritual gifts and preaching of God's Word where people are encouraged in their faith and guided in its application.

To provide a simplified form of ministry that respects the needs of modern families and individuals by providing weekly cell group meetings, regular corporate worship services, and quarterly enrichment workshops and seminars.

To equip and help families in the spiritual development of their children by providing them with the understanding and tools to teach and model Christian values in their homes.