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The list below contain the outlines of Pastor McCowan's sermons. For viewing the videos are listed separately.

Sermon List
Date Title Sermon
Jul 15, 2006
American Pie - Pastor McCowan spoke on the subject of The Average American and the traits that makes up both Joe and Jill Average American. Special attention was given to how being average meets the expectations of heaven. (Text Outline, Videos - Imagine, Modern Noah)
Aug 12, 2006
Countdown to Armageddon - Pastor McCowan spoke on a possible End-time scenario. Considering that this region of the world is supplying most of the world’s oil production and that most economies of the world are dependent on oil, might cause the nations of this world to sell their souls for peace and stability. (Text Outline, Video #1 (Wallid Shoebatt's Testimony))
Aug 26, 2006
Antichrist - Pastor McCowan spoke on possible End-time scenarios that could very well develop right before our eyes in the Middle East. Tonight’s subject will center on the Antichrist and how he will function and deceive many and what we can do spiritually to keep ourselves ready and alert. (Text Outline)
Sept. 9, 2006
Islam & the End-times - Pastor McCowan again spoke on possible End-time scenarios that could very well be developing right before our eyes. Because many Islamic fundamentalists are totally committed to destroying Israel and feel it is their religious duty to rid the earth of all infidels—including both Jews and Christians, we will consider if such apocalyptic ambition is in fact a part of end-time prophesy. (Text Outline)