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The list below contain the outlines of Pastor McCowan's sermons.


Sermon List
Date Title Sermons
Jan. 9, 2016
The Key: to the promises of God. A misleading headline asserts that tennis star Serena Williams has a "secret weapon," and that the weapon is "Jehovah God." No, Williams' weapons are a crushing serve and a wicked forehand. The headline, however, can lead us to reach assumptions that aren’t true. Can we really make God do what we want? Outline, Bulletin.
Feb. 13, 2016 Koinonia: Focusing on things that are important. In our world today, it is very easy to get distracted and allow the tyranny of the urgent to distract us from quality interaction and fellowship with the people of God. Pastor McCowan spoke on this issue and how koinonia is a means to a deeper relationship with God. Outline, Bulletin.
Feb. 13, 2016 Keys to Developing & Keeping Meaningful Relationships by Sally McCowan.
Mar. 12, 2016 Why Look for the Living among the Dead? NASA has discovered a planet that looks a lot like Earth. Scientists wonder if it contains life. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that we don't have to go beyond our own planet to find new life. It's already here! Outline, Bulletin.
Apr. 9, 2016 Jesus Fruit - By constricting growth with a mold, farmers are able to produce fruit in a variety of shapes. In the same way, the Holy Spirit uses a mold as well, which can produce in us a multitude of good God-shaped fruit in us. Outline, Bulletin
May 21, 2016 The Lord's Lawn Work - It's spring, and many of us are toiling away on our yards, lawns and gardens. This involves a lot of work, which anyone who actually has a lawn or garden already knows. Gardens have always been a part of the human experience. The Bible begins and ends in a garden. Pastor McCowan’s text looks at the final garden scene. Outline, Bulletin.
June 18, 2016 Hyperloop - Pastor McCowan's sermon was called "The Hyperloop Path." It comes from the new technology that is now being tested in California where one day we may be able to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 30 Minutes. Pastor McCowan's text was from Hebrews 12:1-2, where we are admonished to keep our eyes on Jesus. Outline, Bulletin.
July 16, 2016 Sofie - Independent educational consultants help high school students get into the college of their choice. Sophie, the wisdom of God, coaches us toward a life of blessing and peace to those who listen. Outline, Bulletin.
Sep. 10, 2016 Faith Security Systems - One of the last instructions that the Apostle Paul gave to one of his most trusted colleagues and son in the faith Timothy was to guard something that was a high priority. Pastor McCowan spoke on this topic and how important it is for us today. Outline, Bulletin.
Nov. 2, 2016 Pastor McCowan shared a teaching series on the Book of Revelation and the End-times. This series was in three parts. Part 1 was an introduction to the Book of Revelation and a study on the Seven Churches of Asia. Part 2 was on the Seven Seals and Part 3 was on the Day of the Lord. Outlines (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)

Dec. 3, 2016

Pastor McCowan shared a message entitled, “When God Get’s Mad.” It was about how God can balance both justice and mercy and do so in perfect harmony. Outline, Bulletin.